27 – Biology of Sex

This episode of Do We Know Things? examines the things we are often taught about the biology of sex differences. It is definitely a science-nerd episode, but it focuses on biases in research that affect half the population! In particular, I wanted to address the oft repeated lore that ‘female is the default sex.’ I am joined by brilliant biologist and gender studies professor, Dr. Anne Fausto-Sterling, one of my research heros!


What do we know about the biology of sex? Do we know things? Let’s find out!


Dr. Fausto-Sterling’s website: http://www.annefaustosterling.com/


Find the script for this episode on our website https://www.doweknowthings.com/episodes


Music and editing Jeremy Dahl https://www.palebluedot.ca/


Script assistance by Matt Tunnacliffe


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