9 – What’s a Kegel Anyway?

Media targeted at women, including magazines, YouTube channels, and TV shows, seem to regularly trumpet the importance of doing Kegel exercises. Raise your hand if you have been told to or felt like you should do Kegels at some point in your life!


Kegel exercises are the flexing and releasing of the muscles a specific set of muscles in your pelvic region. These exercises are supposed to strengthen the area around the vagina so you don’t pee when your sneeze, so your uterus doesn’t fall out of your vagina after you give birth, and so you can tightly grip a penis inside of you.


Are Kegels the miracle exercise they are made out to be? And are cisgender women the only ones who are supposed to Kegel? Find out on this episode of Do We Know Things? where I talk to Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Katie Kelly about all things pelvic floor, including if we really need to do Kegels, childbirth, and peeing when we sneeze.


Kegel exercises, what do we know? Do we know things? Let’s find out!


Find the script for this episode with notes and references at https://www.doweknowthings.com/episodes


Interview with Katie Kelly. Her websites are: https://katiekellypt.ca/ and https://motherhoodlink.ca/


She also posts great content on her instagram accounts @ptkatiekelly and @motherhoodlink


Comment from Amanda Boss


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