30 – What Does it Mean to be Emasculated?

What comes to mind when you think of emasculation? If you are like most people, you probably think about it metaphorically. My guest on this episode, Dr. Richard Wassersug studies emasculation in the literal sense. He studies people who remove their testicles by choice (a.k.a. voluntary eunuchs) and those who are chemically castrated through testosterone suppressing drugs. Listen in on this fascinating interview of the world of emasculation that most people have never thought of.


Emasculation! What do we know? Do we know things? Let’s find out!


Links discussed in this episode:

Life on ADT program for prostate cancer patients: http://www.lifeonadt.com/


Hosted by Dr. Lisa Dawn Hamilton, psychology professor and sex educator.

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Music and editing Jeremy Dahl https://www.palebluedot.ca/

Script assistance by Matt Tunnacliffe


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