11 – To Pee or Not to Pee

Yet another episode on messages women get from the media! This time I am looking at whether or not people with vaginas need to pee after sex to prevent urinary tract/bladder infections. Most people I know are aware of the peeing-after-sex rule for the care and keeping of the urinary tract. But, is this true? Does peeing actually help stave off the agonizing hell of a UTI? If you have ever read any sort of media targeted at women, you will definitely think the answer is yes! But what does the research say? Listen now to find out. I will also delve into to other UTI-related topics like what causes them? And can you drown a UTI in cranberry juice to cure it?


Urinary tract infections! What do we know? Do we know things? Let’s find out!


Find the script for this episode with notes and references at https://www.doweknowthings.com/episodes


Music and editing Jeremy Dahl www.palebluedot.ca

Script assistance by Matt Tunnacliffe

Thanks to Dr. Jennifer Tomes for consulting on cognitive biases.

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