12 – The History and Mystery of IUDs

Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) are the greatest thing ever created, according to Lisa Dawn Hamilton. It is the most effective method of preventing pregnancy that has ever been created, and it lasts up to 10 years! It’s amazing! But the IUD was not always held in such high esteem. There was a period of time in the in the U.S. and Canada, when they were not so great. Have you heard the rumors about the dangers of the IUD? They fell out of favour in the 70s, and I wanted to find out what actually happened! What was the issue in their sordid past that made them cause so much harm? I heard the rumours but had never investigated what actually happened in the 70s where IUDs were apparently killing people! Listen now as I satisfy my curiosity about IUDs, figure out where they went wrong, and talk about why they are so right (for me at least).


IUDs! What do we know? Do we know things? Let’s find out!


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Script assistance by Matt Tunnacliffe

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