13 – Random Topics for Strange Times

It is such a weird time in the world, and I don’t know about you, but I am definitely having challenges with concentration. So in that spirit, something a little different this week. Instead my usual deep-dive into a single subject, this episode will focus on three separate questions that don’t require a whole show to answer, but are still topics I wanted to investigate.

First, I talk about the rumour I first heard as a teenager that a sneeze is 1/10 of an orgasm. In researching this topic, I got way more interested in sneezing than I ever thought I would and so will also share my new sneezing knowledge.

Second, I explore research on erogenous zones to find out what body areas are erogenous and if we can develop new erogenous zones over time.

Finally, I share my frustration about a menstrual cycle fact that I found was not to be as set in stone as I was taught! I am joined this episode by Dr. Shelly Colette who makes the whole thing more fun, and offers her expertise about rituals!


Find the script for this episode with notes and references at https://www.doweknowthings.com/episodes


Music and editing Jeremy Dahl www.palebluedot.ca


Script assistance by Matt Tunnacliffe


Special guest: Dr. Shelly Colette


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