31 – Intersex: Beyond the Binary

Humans brains like to put things into neat mental boxes, but the world is not neat and doesn’t fit easily into categories. Most people don’t know that biological sex can be something other than male or female, but there are millions of people who are intersex. It’s shocking that there is not more awareness about intersex, and in this episode, I aim to increase that awareness. I also point out that the very existence of intersex people means that sex isn’t binary, contrary to what trolls on the internet would have you believe.


“Intersex isn’t uncommon, it’s just unheard of.” – Esther Morris Leidolf


Links mentioned in the show:

Check out all sorts of variations in sex determination on Scientific American.

Watch the documentary Intersexion on YouTube

InterAct https://interactadvocates.org/

Intersex Justice Project https://www.intersexjusticeproject.org/


Hosted by Dr. Lisa Dawn Hamilton, psychology professor and sex educator.

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Music and editing Jeremy Dahl https://www.palebluedot.ca/

Script assistance by Matt Tunnacliffe


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