Episode 93: The Legend Brian Deane!

On this episode we are joined by Sheffield United and Leeds United legend Brian Deane!

We chat about Phoenix Sports & Media, a company Brian is the chairman of that uses his and other ex PL players experience to help the new generation of players. Brian and the team are very passionate about helping players avoid the pitfalls of professional football.

Brian also tells us about his foray into management, playing for Benfica alongside Nuno Gomes and the crazy situation that was happening there at the time.

We also hear about Brian scoring the first ever Premier League goal, the goal that heralded the start of the the goal that started off the most successful period of English football.

Make sure to check out Phoenix Sports & Media’s Youtube series with ex Pros. It’s incredible!!

Check out Brian’s company: https://www.psm-group.co.uk/

The Story Behind the Shirt on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aj-U7Gf1WIk&list=PLiBo2U7ISVnVGfQVgBUVtTTxiexqbiesn&ab_channel=PhoenixSport%26MediaGroup

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