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Drunk on Sobriety

How the “life of the party” discovered life after alcohol…

As the top sales person in the world for an international medical supply company, Mike Lund made a lot of phone calls. But none was more important than the call he made on March 16th, 2013. Mike was reaching out that day, not to sell a product, but to save his own life.

In this episode of The Soul Booth, we’re talking about alcohol, and our relationship with it. You’ll meet a guy who learned early that drinking could make him the life of the party, and hear how he found a way (after 4 decades of drinking) to keep the fun reputation while leaving the booze behind.

Mike is a “Go big or stay home” kind guy and he took that approach to drinking for most of his life. In this conversation, he’s outrageously open about hitting bottom, how he got sober, and how it’s transformed his life.

If you or someone you love has an addiction, there’s a powerful message in this episode of The Soul Booth…and a few laughs too.

Thanks for being along for the ride…and until next time, stay tuned ! 😉


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