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Elon Musk Is Responsible For Many Canadian UFO Reports (aka what is the starlink satellite constellation)

Listeners of Nighttime, consider this episode a sort of public service.

This episode has the power to ease the minds of many people out there who feel they have witnessed a fleet of alien invaders in the skies above Canada.

The story usually manifests itself in one of two ways; it’s either a photo showing a series of aerial lights in a straight line, or a witness account from someone who saw a series of objects flying one after the other in a sort of liner formation.

Well, if you see this type of photo or hear this story don’t immediately rush to your emergency shelter.

ELON MUSK, the billionaire inventor and entrepreneur may very well be behind in.

In fact, Elon musk may be partly responsible for the rise in Canadian UFO reports.

In this episode of Nighttime, Canadian UFO researcher and data analyst Chris Rutkowski will tell us about Elon Musk’s Starlink Satellite Constellation and what role it plays in the rise in UFO reports.


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