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Emma Fillipoff – 4 – Ellen

This episode was originally released in January of 2017

26 year old Emma Fillipoff was last seen standing barefoot on a busy intersection in downtown Victoria BC on November 28th, 2012 by the police officers who encountered Emma after responded to a call of a women in distress.

Over the course of an 8 episode series, Nighttime will explore the story of Emma Fillipoff by speaking to those closest to her.

In part four, Our focus will shift from the events immediately surrounding Emma’s disappearance to her life leading up to the events of Nov 28, 2012 via a conversation with Emma’s life long close friend Ellen.

In addition, This episode begins with a positive update to Shelley’s legal situation, which was discussed in part 2.


Musical Theme: Swans by Vox Somnia

Ambient Theme: Fall Asleep by Paragon Cause


CBC Update article concerning Shelley’s criminal charges being withdrawn

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