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Ep. 07: Crowds, Selves And Various Forms Of Detachment with Dr. John Plotz

Crowds, Selves, and Various Forms of Detachment

While we can’t know each other completely, we’re obsessed with guessing and modern literature provides numerous examples. Jesse interviews Dr. John Plotz, Professor of Victorian Literature at Brandeis University and author of “The Crowd” (2000), “Portable Property” (2008) and “Semi-Detached” (2017). For Plotz, crowds, keepsakes, politics, and novels represent some of the ways we grapple with how our own inner lives relate to those of others. We can also find ourselves estranged from ourselves during an aesthetic experience.

Jesse and John discuss crowds, Baudelaire, the political dimensions of Victorian literature, public and private spaces, mementos, cave paintings, intention, how we give private objects meanings, our relationship with history, the line between reality and fiction, the psychology of the modern novel, and finally, H.G. Wells and why science fiction is so cool.

What We’re Reading
John recommends “The Absolute at Large” by Karel Čapek

“Think” by Lee Rosevere

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