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Ep. 09: Halloween Books Of Dark Magic And Witchcraft

Halloween Special: Dark Magic and Witchcraft

Paul and Jesse get trapped in a time prison when a Scholomancer casts a spell on the bookstore and they need to learn the dark arts to escape. Luckily they have interviews with Dr. Kathryn Morris and Dr. Kyle Fraser, two scholars of the history of witchcraft and ceremonial magic. Will Paul and Jesse escape? Find out in this documentary style Halloween Special.

Stillborn Blues “Winter Insomnia,” “The Fishes Won’t Listen to Our Excuses,” “Trop,” and “Crossroad Ghost”
Lee Rosevere “Divine Light”
Loyalty Freak “Monster Parade”

Bookings is recorded at the University of King’s College by Mark Pineo and produced by Paul MacKay and Jesse Hiltz.

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