Source: Intalksicated Podcast

Ep. 106: Managing TMI Content with Harper McCormack

HAPRER IS BACK! The queen of Tinder and an apologetic YouTuber, Harper joins me for drinks and dishes on how she manages life as a very personal content creator on the internet. What inspired her to not hold back on the internet? How does she decided what she shouldn’t share? What are her thoughts on the current state of YouTube? What about content burnout? We talk about all of that, PLUS  – we talk about dating (of course) and play the assumptions tag!   Subscribe to Harper on YouTube   Follow Harper:  Instagram Facebook Twitter Snapchat   Don’t miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe to InTalksicated Podcast on Apple Podcasts!   Make sure to also subscribe to InTalksicated Reviews on Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcasting ap!   Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram & Twitter!   Support us on PATREON!    Subscribe on Twitch and YouTube!   You can also email us at   Check out our website

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