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Ep 11: The Tradition, Great Books, And Also Puppets

Ep 11. The Tradition, Great Books, and also Puppets

Paul and Jesse start 2019 by attempting some friendly banter. In this episode they discuss the value of a humanities education with Dr. Dawn Tracey Brandes. Dr. Brandes is the Executive Director of Halifax Humanities 101, a free humanities education program for those living below the poverty line. Central to Halifax Humanities is the conviction that “the insights and skills offered by study of the traditional Humanities disciplines can provide people with crucial tools for gaining control over their lives.” They also discuss the changing nature of the “Canon” and the sometimes-heated debates around those parts of the classics that don’t age so well. Dawn then fills the boys in on her love of puppetry and what puppets can teach us. And as always, Paul, Jesse, and Dawn discuss what they’ve been reading.

Bookings is recorded at the University of King’s College by Mark Pineo and produced by Paul MacKay and Jesse Hiltz.

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