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Ep. 16: Thinking Through Fear with Elisabeth de Mariaffi and Desmond Cole

The Humanities for Young People (HYP) is a residential summer program for bright and highly-motivated students from ages 15 to 17. Secondary school students from across the country have the unique opportunity to work closely and collaboratively with scholars from a variety of disciplines.

HYP is co-ordinated by Dr. Laura Penny and Dr. Sarah Clift from the University of King’s College and they generously allowed us to record this year’s keynote speeches. The theme for HYP 2019 is Thinking Through Fear and at the annual public symposium both keynote speakers had an opportunity to speak about the social and political dimensions of fear.

Elisabeth de Mariaffi approaches the topic by discussing her work as a writer of popular thrillers. She discusses how women live with and against fear, and how writing about violence and women allows her to explore and challenge basic assumptions about women and the stories they tell.

Desmond Cole addresses the ways in which fear is racialized. In particular, he explores the complex role fear plays both within racialized communities as a consequence of over-policing and disproportional incarceration of Black people, and in terms of how those communities become feared as a consequence.

Following their talks, students from the Humanities for Young People program pose their questions to both speakers.

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