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Ep 279 – What’s a Malt? – 04/22/2019

This week on the podcast we’ve got a special guest for you! Drake from Roofhound Brewing Co. joins The HUGE Crew to talk about video games, card games, movies, and beer glassware! Hopefully you can learn a thing or two about the kind of glasses that you can put your beer into!

The HUGE Crew and Roofhound Brewing Co. have produced a new IPA beer called “Button Masher” which is available now! A HUGE thank you to the entire Roofhound team for making this collaboration a fun and exciting experience! You can find Roofhound at

As always keep sending questions to, we love them!

Beer featured this week: St. Andrew’s Cross by New Scotland Brewing Co. and Storm Chaser by Breton Brewing Company.

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