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Ep 283 – Started Yelling Holocron – 05/20/2019

Hi folks! This week I’m writing the show notes at “Number 1 Fan of the Show” Ryan’s house and he said not to bother writing anything creative this week because no-one reads these. So anyhoo, here’s a list of the things we talked about this week:

-Our latest radio appearance
-Life is Strange 2
-Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC
-Smash Bros Ultimate DLC
-Building a drafting cube for Star Wars Destiny
-Super Mario Maker 2 news
-Santa Clarita Diet
-X-wing 2.0

As always keep sending questions to, we love them!

Beer featured this week: Nuts Over You by Chill Street Fresh Beer & Cider Market and Lemondrop by Garrison Brewing Company.

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