Source: Hopped Up Gaming: East

Ep 377 – The F*cking Worst – 03/08/2021

This one is the worst, I can promise you that. Come join The HUGE Crew this week as they try out version four of the Match of the Batch review system, and afterwards chat about:

Chipped windshields
Imperial Assault
Ghost of a Tale
Destiny 2
Polytopia DLC
Bravely Default 2
The Medium
And more!

Towards the end of the show Ben busts out a new game for the gang to play, so make sure to stick around for that one!

As always keep sending questions to, we love them!

Beer featured this week: Grolsch Premium Lager by Koninklijke Grolsch, Colt 45 Strong Beer by Pabst Brewing Company, Canadian Cold Shots 6.0 by Molson Coors Canada, and Stay Where You’re At by YellowBelly Brewery & Public House.

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