Source: Hopped Up Gaming: East

Ep 389 – The Crying Game – 05/31/2021

This week on the podcast you can listen to The HUGE Crew talk about Army of the Dead, Dead by Daylight, Resident Evil 8, Arkham Horror The Card Game, Mass Effect 1, and more! But, you’ll want to stick around to hear the gang talk about a game that they all played: Before Your Eyes.

Heads up, this game is pretty heavy, and best experienced first hand. So we encourage you to check it out for yourself first!

CW: Child Death
01:05:48 – End

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Beer featured this week: Tall Ship by Garrison Brewing Company, Matinee by 2 Crows Brewing, Time Scientist – Buffalo Trace Barrel Aged by Boomstick Brewing Co, and Endless Summer Pineapple Sour by Manitoulin Brewing.

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