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Episode 126: Time Travel with JB Yanni

Paranormal News: A gruesome “Freezer” murder, Dinosaur sex mystery solved, and Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star smashed by the Hulk.

Cryptid Corner: They see me Trollin’, they hatin’, Chillen’ in the woods and being weird and hairy! Trolls are the main focus on this months Cryptid Corner. Things get cute though when my four-year-old son Sam joins me to talk about them. It was so adorable and unexpected, I had to leave it in. If you do not like it, you can Troll me.

Special Guest: JB Yanni- Author of Time Benders

JB Yanni was born in central Illinois and grew up in Wheaton, IL, a suburb of Chicago. She is the second child of four, with two sisters and one brother. Her father was a high school math teacher, a vice principal and principal at the high school he taught at for more than thirty years. Her mother stayed home with her growing children and then later became a real estate agent. JB has been a voracious reader her whole life. Often being told to put the book down for dinner or to go to sleep. As such, her home is now filled with old and new books acquired from a lifetime of reading, stacked on nearly every available shelf. Her special quote on books, “A good book introduces you to new people, places and things. A great book introduces you to a lifelong friend.”

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