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Episode 3 – Build Expectation & Don’t Make Them Wait

In this episode I talk about building expectations in your life and your business. This is something you can utilize in your own business for your clients.

I walked into our living room yesterday when my daughter was watching a youtube video. It was a girl giving this tour of her elaborate house. I asked who this was and what she did. She said she is “youtuber” and makes millions of dollars. The last couple of months she has said that she wanted to be a “youtuber”, move to Arizona and become rich.


The problem with this and everything we see online is it’s a false sense of reality. This is 0.01% of those who try, make it to this level. Plus how much failure have they had to get there? Failure is good, I’m a fan. However you don’t hear that they have been doing videos since they were 4 years old.

Think about the business marketing videos you see on social media that claim they made $658,765 in sales with 1 ad in 18 days. Wow look at you, you rock star, time for a hero cookie….oh wait…you forgot to mention that this ad budget spend was $620,000 and you had an already warm audience and established brand of 500,000 followers on social media.


That’s the problem…you don’t always see the full picture. Doing any kind of social ad building, reputation and brand building takes time. It’s a long game that will take time and money.

Listen to the podcast, and let me know if you have any questions.


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