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Episode 45. Residential Schools and Raccoons

Listeners, it’s Lilly’s turn and she brings you an overview of a rather large crime committed against Canada’s Indigenous peoples–Residential Schools. With a few tales and a few wails of dismay on their part, the ladies discuss.

Of course, the stories are not theirs to tell, let’s be real, so why not check out some sources to hear from those who survived:

We are the Children

Also, why not check out The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund?

In Nova Scotia in October and looking for something to do? Why not check out Mi’kmaq history month events around the province!

Now, have some sources!

Again, this was just an overview–but it is important that these stories are heard from those who can speak to them. Please, check out the links above, all of them, and listen. 

Also, Lilly’s pronunciation of Mi’kmaq is out-dated, and she apologies! It’s Mi’kmaq, pronounced ‘meeg mah’. 

Also, check out this story about raccoons!

Not covered as this came out after recording, but interesting reading:

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Intro music  is by We Talk of Dreams & Kooky Crime’s song is by Petros! Exciting!

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