Source: The Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast

Episode 69: Reincarnation with Margery Phelps

Paranormal News: 9:00 Ghost on a baby monitor, mushrooms on Mars, rapid healing genes and a woman who feels no pain.

Wisdom from the Oracle meditation: 22:45 Betty brings us through a meditation for “spring cleaning” your soul and making room for new beginnings.

Reincarnation with Margery Phelps interview: 46:10

“I have a long history of paranormal experiences, starting at age 5, and I’m now 74.  I also have past-life memories, many of which I reveal in my narrative non-fiction book, Finding Margaret – a case for reincarnation.  My new book, Crossing the Bridge from Life to Life, is a workbook for people who are interested in exploring their past lives and how their past impacts their current incarnation.

Some of my paranormal experiences, which manifest in either dreams or visions, include:

·        The airline crash at Orly, France in June 1962 (I was 17)

·        The bombing of the city of Atlanta during the 1996 Olympics

·        The fall of the World Trade Center Towers on 9/11.

I am also a published writer about health and wellness; my past lives have dovetailed into my current life and career choices, and because of my experiences I am on a mission to teach others how their past lives do impact their current incarnations.

I believe your listeners would enjoy my lively and entertaining information.

Peace and joy,


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