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The Superwoman Code

075: The Hat Revolution is FINALLY Here with Ponyback Inc Founder Stacey Keller If you're like me, you've probably never found a hat that worked with a ponytail, or a bun, or messy and frizzy hair, or the "I totally haven't washed my hair in 3 days-stick it on top of...

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Power Presence Position

EP463: The 2 Macroeconomic Forces Shaping Your Business in 2021 Whether you realize it or not, there are two major trends that are about to seriously impact your business. Most of the results in your business are under your ownership, but things that happen in your...

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Your Happy Place Podcast

Real Estate Law with Mark Charles This week we are talking with Mark Charles about Real Estate law. Everything you need to know when dealing with investing in Real estate.For more about Mark: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-charles-4a29a920/

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Dust Safety Science

DSS 139: Canadian Building Codes & the Kilo Lima Community with Kelsey Longmoore In this episode, Kelsey Longmoore from Celerity Engineering talks about the Kilo Lima Code Community and Canadian Building Codes.

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Ep 398 – CAN’T STOP! – 08/02/2021

Source: Hopped Up Gaming: East Ep 398 - CAN’T STOP! - 08/02/2021 WE’RE LIVE IN THE MEAT SPACE! PLEASE MIND THE FIREWORKS. Ben, Tim, Evan, and Matt talk about a whole bunch of stuff this week, but a LOT of the early discussion is about The Green Knight. So, spoilers!...

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The Environmental Podcast

Motivation and Inspiration So we often hear the words "motivational" and "inspirational" thrown around in relation to all sorts of media and art. On this week's episode we talk about what it means to get inspired and how there is certainly not a one size fits all...

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