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Source: Hitmakers NATE MORTON (THE VOICE) WE'RE BACK BABY! Our first of 2021 and features none other than NATE MORTON from the HOUSE BAND on THE VOICE!!⁠ Nate grew up banging on pots and pans, idolizing Animal from the Muppets. Through studies at Berklee and a move to...

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Book Me!: Heather Stemp

S7 E7 Heather Stemp They say you should never meet your heroes because they'll disappoint you (or leave you tongue-tied).  Heather Stemp learned that her Aunt Ginny actually met the world-famous aviator Amelia Earhart when she landed in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland in...

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Startup Canada: The Future of Work with Jason Brommet

Source: Startup Canada The Future of Work with Jason Brommet – January 26, 2021 Week to week, the business landscape in Canada changes drastically – often making it difficult for entrepreneurs to plan for the future. Jason Brommet, Head of Modern Work for Microsoft...

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The Superwoman Code: How Your Thyroid Responds To Stress

How Your Thyroid Responds To Stress One of the first things that gets tested when we feel tired, off, anxious, overwhelmed or feel like our hormones are out of balance we always like to look at the thyroid. When it comes to the thyroid, we use your thyroid as a canary...

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