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Down the Pub Podcast

Episode 49: A Rover and a Wanderer with Aaron McEneff and Luis Perea On this episode we talk to Shamrock Rovers player Aaron McEneff about his career and also hear how he breaks my heart by telling me he's a United fan. Season one Wanderer Luis Perea joins us to talk...

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Art Pays Me Podcast

Matt Dowling Matt Dowling, Founder of Freelancer Club shares his creative journey, how he’s grown a business that advocates for creative freelancers and how a negative experience with a photography client motivated him to start this business. We talk about the...

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OJT (On the Job Training): (Trailer) The Bookshop Owner

(Trailer) The Bookshop Owner -- Ep. 3 Nancy Quinn owns Seaside Books in Summerside, PEI.  It was Avonlea Books until she bought it in 2019. These days, it’s a warm and lively gathering place that reflects the character of its owner. I joined Nancy in the bookshop last...

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Country Confidential: Carly Pearce

Country Confidential Podcast Episode 22 This week on the Podcast Tanaeya and I chat with Carly Pearce. She is about to have her second number one song in Canada, and she joins us to chat about that, walking her cat, traveling, and much more. Also, find out how Lee...

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Elwood City Limits Season 9 Recap

Source: Elwood City Limits Elwood City Limits Season 9 Recap Ring the bell, it's time for the season recap! Will & Lucas are here to give you their thoughts on season 9 of Arthur overall and rank their top 5 episodes of the season that was...plus, a little extra...

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Shift for Brains: Being Stupid

Being Stupid This week we're talking about being stupid.  At some point we're all stupid, right? Bill and Sheldon discuss the word "stupid" and why we should keep it in our vocabulary. A co-production with The Sheldon MacLeod Show on News 95.7 CHNI in Halifax, Nova...

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