EP390 Undiagnosed Burnout for Women Entrepreneurs with Jordin Wiggins

Jordin Wiggins is an award-winning wellness warrior, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, owner and creator of Health Over All Inc., and the founder of The Pleasure Collective. As someone who has experienced chronic anxiety, Jordin dedicates herself to uncovering natural, whole-health healing approaches so that people can live more vibrant and energized lives and credits naturopathic medicine for transforming her quality of life. Jordin, an expert in women’s sexual health, has been featured in publications such as HuffPost, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan, and crafts personalized health plans for her patients on a range of mental and physical health issues.

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Jordin joins me today to discuss her journey with burnout and strategies for identifying, preventing, and responding to the exhaustion we are susceptible to as female leaders. Jordin shares the different stages of burnout as well as both the physiological and psychological aspects. She also shares how pleasure and sexual health are related to burnout and what women who hold onto their “spark” have in common.



“There’s no way that they can think their way out of – or time management their way out of – what is going on on the cellular level.“ – Jordin Wiggins

Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • Jordin’s personal experience with burnout and how she discovered her calling to work with women on sexual health issues
  • The role of consistency and sustainability in preventing burnout
  • Tangible, physiological ways that doctors can test people for burnout
  • The different stages of burnout and some physical signs and symptoms to watch for
  • What critical burnout is and how it can impact even the most seemingly high-functioning leaders
  • Emotions, mood states and shifting interpersonal dynamics that may arise as a result of burnout
  • The importance of differentiating between “good” discomfort and “bad” discomfort
  • How burnout impacts your hormones
  • Two paths to begin to combat burnout and the importance of mindset work
  • How your leadership energy fuels your baller moves
  • Commonalities among women who have a powerful energetic spark
  • The importance of doing things for yourself every day
  • How burnout and libido are related and how to make changes in these areas
  • The importance of nurturing all parts of ourselves and leading as our whole self

Connect with Jordin Wiggins:

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