EP391 7 Figure Selling — Own the Promise

You have told your clients what you do and how you do it, but have you truly communicated the value of your work? To make a sale, customers must feel like the value you provide outweighs the cost they pay. Because of this, communicating impact is essential, and can have a make or break effect on results.

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Today, I discuss the importance of owning your value and sharing not only what products or services you offer, but also the impact of your work. I share ten tips to help you highlight the promise of your work in a clear, compelling manner, and uncover the value you tangibly offer your clients. I also discuss the importance of money mindset when it comes to sales and how to achieve results by focusing on what truly matters to your clients.

The most audacious thing we, as women entrepreneurs, do is own – fully own – the promise and value of our work.


Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • Why it is essential to communicate the value of your work effectively
  • How money stories affect us and why it is crucial to work on your money mindset
  • Where many entrepreneurs get into trouble in the sales process
  • The relationship between perceived value and monetary investment in the sales process, and how this applies when you are selling a service
  • What customers genuinely care about, beyond what you do, and how it can make or break results
  • What effectively owning the promise of your work looks and sounds like, and how value-based pricing relates
  • Specific practices to implement to track your clients and determine value
  • The importance of monitoring clients over time, from intake to outtake to follow-up
  • How to utilize interviews to gain a deeper understanding of the value you offer
  • How to incorporate “what then” questions into your process to gain a deeper understanding of the value you offer
  • How many “what thens” you should ask your clients to get the full picture
  • Tips for becoming a researcher of your work
  • Why I take a lot of coaching inspiration from athletic coaches

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