EP394 How to Cultivate a 7-Figure Selling Mindset

So you know you need a mindset shift when it comes to sales, but how do you get there? With so much information out there about sales and money mindset, it can be challenging to know where to begin. Your sales mindset has the potential to impact your results significantly, so it is essential to equip yourself with the insight you need to help you approach your sales with ease and ultimately scale your business to 7 figures and beyond.

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Today, I share five tips that will help you grow your company to 7-figures by developing your sales mindset. I discuss the importance of standing firm and knowing your brand’s personal measures of quality and success, and why it is essential to stay in alignment with these values. I also highlight common limiting beliefs that get in the way of effective sales, and why you should remain confident in your sales techniques despite the fears that may arise.

“How you think about an activity influences your actual results far more than you may realize.“ – Eleanor Beaton

Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • My thoughts on the money mindset resources that currently exist
  • Limiting narratives and beliefs that many entrepreneurs tend to develop around sales
  • The percentage of female entrepreneurs who start their businesses in response to their passions and the amount who are influenced by a desire for work-life balance
  • Necessary mindset shifts to change how you think about sales
  • The importance of being open to experiencing other sales processes in order to gain insights to make your strategy more effective
  • Why entrepreneurs tend to overcomplicate the sales process
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about what other people think of your approach to sales
  • Why it is so important to set your own success standards, especially as you grow and scale
  • Why quality matters when it comes to sales and how to determine whether what you are selling is truly “good quality”
  • How to tell whether you have codependent relationships with your clients and how to ensure a healthier dynamic
  • Why you need to stay in alignment in order to scale your business and the importance of directly addressing misalignment


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