EP398 Being Brave with Jena Rodriguez

Jena Rodriguez is a motivational speaker, growth strategist, and transformation leadership mentor dedicated to helping people live consciously. She is the CEO of Brave Masters, where she helps corporate teams and entrepreneurs tap into their potential and scale their businesses by developing their mindsets. Jena is also a motivational speaker and the host of The Brave Entrepreneur Podcast and specializes in topics including leadership development, emotional intelligence, and personal growth.

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Jena joins me today to discuss topics surrounding courage, bravery, visibility and leading with authenticity. She shares how she went from bankruptcy to founding the Brave Master, how your past experiences can impact the present, and the importance of not letting our egos run the show. Jena also highlights the power of living a conscious life and how to get to the other side of what is holding you back.

“It’s all about facing yourself and owning your stuff.” – Jena Rodriguez 

Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • Jena’s entrepreneurial journey, the crossroads she faced, and her current mission in life
  • The role shame played in Jena’s life and how long it took her to be open about her bankruptcy
  • How challenges can impact your mindset and perception of self
  • What ‘ego tricks’ are and the importance of reflecting on your mental patterns
  • How to decide whether you should listen to your “shoulds” and how to determine if you are a control freak
  • How control serves as a protective mechanism and whether it truly exists
  • Why Jena considered herself “spiritually bankrupt” and why faith and surrender matter
  • Balancing goals with letting go, and where to place your focus when it comes to visualization
  • How attachment contributes to suffering and what those attachments can look like
  • How Jena is “emotionally divorcing” what no longer serves her and the difference between living consciously and unconsciously

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