EP401 Negotiation Secrets – How to Ask for More with Alexandra Carter

Alexandra Carter is a public speaker, teacher, and author of Ask for More: 10 Questions to Negotiate Anything. She is an award-winning professor at Columbia Law School Professor of Law and serves as Director of the Mediation Clinic. Alex is also a negotiation trainer whose A-level clients include the United Nations, Fortune 100 companies, and the United States government. Alex speaks to a wide range of audiences from law students to diplomats to business leaders, on topics including negotiation, communication, and leadership.

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Alex joins me today to discuss how to reframe what it means to negotiate and how to be a better negotiator. She shares why we settle for less when we could ask for more and how the standard view of negotiation is limited. Alex also highlights how asking the right questions can help people tap into their wisdom and the balance between freely adding value and knowing your worth in business.

“You can still tactfully, collaboratively ask for more and continue to serve, even in the toughest circumstances of our lifetime.” – Alexandra Carter

Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • The tools Alex has focused on in response to COVID-19 related struggles
  • Two moments of conviction that led Alex to realize her passion for negotiation
  • The tendency to revert to limiting beliefs during a time of crisis
  • The impact that offering free high-quality content has had on Alex’s business
  • Alex’s purpose in writing her book Ask for More, and how she defines negotiation
  • The interplay between negotiation, relationship and value, and where the negotiation process truly starts
  • What mirror questions are, what they enable you to do, and two examples of mirror questions
  • One of the primary components of leadership and how it relates to negotiation
  • The importance of asking the right questions and knowing what problems you are trying to solve
  • How remembering past successes can help us perform better moving forward
  • The difference between recruiting and requesting

Connect with Alexandra:

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