Find Your Sparkle with Jen & Lysa S Beltz

In this episode of Find Your Sparkle with my friend Lysa S Beltz, Author & Coach, she shares some of her life journey, lessons learned, gets vulnerable and talks about how she has taps in and listens to her inner guidance (intuition) along with some of her process in writing her book “Becoming Unshakeable In a World That’s Shaking (& companion workbook), we had a great discussion and covered a lot of areas of her life.

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Lysa has lived in Boise for most of her life and spent four decades in the corporate world leading projects. Her ability to build relationships with people and to help them individually and also as a team served her exceptionally well.   She brings that same approach to writing and building relationship with her readers. Her goal is to help you realize your worth and live the life of peace and abundance you were created for.

Lysa has experienced marriage, divorce, re-marriage, a blended family, the ups and downs of relationships, scarcity and also abundance.  There have been very tough seasons and times of great blessing.  Through it all, God has been her foundation and she has seen Him move in ways that can only be described as supernatural.  In her books and her life, she uses what she has learned to help any and all that she touches with her faith.

Lysa is known for a warm, caring style and she has a passion to see each person succeed in being the person they were designed to be. Women Empowered 4 Life, the name of her personal empowerment company, perfectly describes Lysa’s approach. It’s that extra touch of empowerment, plus her ability to hold you accountable in achieving your goals, that makes the partnership so successful and the changes life-impacting.

“Life is good when you are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things!”

About Lysa’s book Becoming Unshakeable In A World That’s Shaking

Transform your life by taking a journey to becoming who you were meant to be. Uncover what is holding you back from being the authentic person you are inside. You are meant to experience life and contribute in a bigger way than you imagine. Incorporating God into your life in a day-by-day, realistic way, you will discover how important you are to Him and how perfectly you were designed for your purpose.

Becoming Unshakeable is an introduction to God presented in a conversational and experiential way. It is about the heart of God for you even in the midst of an unstable world. It is a blend of ideas and explanations from the Bible, life and decades of observation. Becoming Unshakeable will genuinely show you the love of God, His assurance that all is under control, that nothing you’ve done is too much for Him to accept you and that everything that concerns you, concerns Him. He knows exactly what will give you the peace you need. Included inside are:

• Journaling prompts called Journey Milestone to explore the ideas, thoughts, and questions that come to mind as you read.

• Embedded prayers that give you a starting place to engage with God.

• Practical guidance to help you realize how you are designed and intended to be alive in this exact moment

• Affirmations based on scripture to immediately start to move towards peace and security in your everyday life.

You receive a FREE workbook with a purchase that will help go deeper into your personal beliefs – those that serve you and those that hold you back. The exercises are specifically designed for self-discovery, personal growth and spiritual growth.






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