Find Your Sparkle with Jen & Theresa Babb (with Bonus segment) aired Aug 7 20 (unedited version)

Find Your Sparkle with Jen and guest, Theresa Babb, talks about her journey dealing with her daughter Laura’s death by suicide 3 years ago. We recorded the interview Aug 5 20 which would have been her beautiful daughter’s 40th birthday.  Theresa lost her son 32 years ago and she is no stranger to grief. I don’t think anyone can fathom the depth of the loss of a child unless you’ve experienced it yourself.  She is a survivor and thriver and has taken control back of her life. She’s lost 115 pounds and decided to start living her life! Her story is touching, inspiring and will give you hope. This is a tough subject that we tend to avoid; however, we can open the dialogue, make changes and hopefully save lives!

I know there are many people out there that will benefit from Theresa’s story! Please help us reach them and share!  The ripple effect is so often much great than we could ever imagine.

More about Theresa:

Theresa Babb is a writer, a singer, and a lover of Mother Earth. She is passionate about advocating for the poor and the disenfranchised and, more recently, has begun to advocate for financial coverage for cutting edge treatments of obesity.  She practices mindfulness, loves dogs, and is a very frustrated knitter.  Theresa is also a bereaved mother x two, with 32 years in between these devastating losses.  Theresa speaks about child death and about suicide openly and freely, and with empathy and compassion.  Recently, Theresa has shed 115 pounds. She and her daughter, who would have turned 40 today (August 5), had planned a holiday for 2020 when Theresa was 60 and her daughter 40. Theresa vowed she would lose weight before that trip. And so she did.  She kept up her end of the agreement.  Her daughter, however, found the courage to leave in 2017.

Theresa can find the beauty in the darkest moments, and embraces the light that finds its way through the imperfections. There will always be light, and there will always be hope.

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