A Born Leader – FYS with Jen & Templeton Tyler Sawyer

On this episode of Find Your Sparkle with Jen, Templeton (Tyler) shares some of his story and what led him to Canada.  He opens up and shares about being bullied to becoming the head boy of his school and his enormous aspirations! Make no mistake, Templeton Sawyer has the gumption, guts and glory to make it happen!   His attitude of never quit, dream BIG and you can you accomplish that which you set you mind is what is going to take him on his global mission!

His story & energy are captivating! He is a man on a mission to make a difference globally and he’s got what it takes! Tune in to hear his story and for a boost of inspiration!

Join us to hear this young man’s refreshing energy and enthusiasm to make BIG Impact


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Growing up as a kid in the small island of Treasure Cay Community Abaco, Templeton
Sawyer attended primary education. His mom held him back twice because she wanted to
make sure he was ready to go to the next level. She saw his determination and that time
him and his young sister were in the same grade. He did not allow that to stop him from
being who he wanted to become.
Fast forward in 2009, Templeton attended Anatol Rodgers High School. In his first year of
high school, he was bullied by some, but he still did not let that stop him from moving
forward in life. He was never an honour roll student, but he always made 2.50 GPA or
above. Templeton was determined to allow his leadership skills to grow with him and
empower others. In 2014 Templeton became head boy of his school, one of the biggest
roles in student leadership. There were teachers who were upset and who talked down to
him for being selected. Templeton did not allow that to distract him to focus from being a
leader of excellence.
In 2016, he received the Public School Scholars Programme Award to attend Holland
College in Prince Edward Island. This is a moment where he paused and felt grateful.
Templeton took a bold step in believing in himself and applying for this award. Templeton
was exposed to so many opportunities that allowed him to experience a global level of
In 2018 Templeton graduated and wanted to take a bold step and move to Halifax, Nova
Scotia, to attend Mount Saint Vincent University. He is studying his bachelor’s degree in
Business Marketing and minoring in Nonprofit Leadership. His journey now in Halifax
continues to amaze him. From being a Resident Assistant to being the Acting President and
Vice President Communications of the university student association, while sitting on three
organizations board of directors, and writing blogs to be featured in organizations marketing
as well as being able to have a Job as an Employment Practitioner. All of these things
happened because a little island boy had a vision to believe in himself. Today those bullies
and teachers are looking up to him as a role model and makes me happy to serve them as

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