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Fintech Futures & Robo-Advisors with Randy Cass – January 15 2019

Here to disturb an industry that’s stayed stagnant for years, Randy Cass knew he needed to find a solution to implement into Canada’s world of investing. A seasoned investment portfolio manager of 15 years, and in it to solve the transparency and the common “my portfolio managers won’t grow my money” problem, Randy’s solution has gained huge traction and is changing the pace and the face of financial advisors. “I decided to become those external circumstances that would force the industry to wake up and change.” Randy is the Founder and CEO of Nest Wealth, an online, customized portfolio for your investments that is managed for the first time on a one price, monthly, subscription-based service. Randy’s previous company, First Coverage, won multiple awards as a top start-up including a financial services Morningstar award for best use of Technology in Canada before it was ultimately sold in 2011. NestWealth is quickly experiencing similar success and recently, Montreal’s National Bank invested six-million dollars to onboard Nest Wealth’s technology into their own portfolio management system. In this week’s #StartupPodcast, host Rivers Corbett will talk to Randy to break down what Robo advisors are, and some numbers to dazzle your day.

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