There are lots of “top” lists out there.  They all have their value and lots of opinion.  While I do not consider this a “Top Five List”.   It is, however, my opinion.  Having spend the last two months starting Podcast Atlantic I have had the chance to come up with this list for your consideration.

1 – Website

Some podcasters do not see the need for a website of their own to promote and have links to their podcast.  I strongly suggest that you consider having one.  A website is a place that allows you to expand your brand and listenership.  You can offer more on your own website than just providing a link to your favourite podcast host.  Once you have that website make sure everything works.  Check it for any errors or broken links.  Check to see if everything is readable.  Make it something your listener wants to come back to time after time.

2 – Equipment

The most important thing you can do for your podcast is to make sure it sounds great.  Cheap microphones may be tempting at first but believe me, investing in a mic that is of good sound quality will pay off in the long run.  If you are not a technical person go to your local Music store.  There is always a salesperson who is as passionate about audio as you should be.  Be honest about your budget.  You should be able to get started for a reasonable amount of money.

3 – Niche

All the podcast gurus talk about this.  Niche.  You want to narrow your podcast focus down until you find that perfect audience that will hang on every word.  This will also be valuable when and if you go after a sponsor or advertiser.  If you are doing a podcast about beards and you have a faithful and loyal audience, it would be a slam dunk for a company that sold beard trimmers.

4 – Consistency

Whether you are doing this as a hobby or it’s a business venture, you want to be consistent.  Release your latest episode the same time every week or every two weeks.  Even if you do it monthly then do it on the same day of the month.  Your listeners will be happy to know that they only have a few days to wait before they get another fix of you.

5 – Community

Remember that we are all in this together.  Podcasters are unique in their unflappable support for one another.   You can do this by listening and subscribing to other podcasts.  Rate and review them as well.  Then promote them on your podcast.  Reach out to podcasters who do something similar and invite them to be a guest on your show.  They will likely be happy to do it and then, want you to be a on their podcast.  Both of your audiences will grow.

The podcast community is growing.  It’s a great time to be a part of this movement.  So, get out there and start telling your stories.

Happy Casting

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