And Now For Something Completely Similar: Blow Out

Brendan and Jason go back to films somewhat related to movies on the BFI Top 100 with And Now for Something Completely Similar.

This week, the guys breathe a sigh of relief as they discuss Blow Out, Brian De Palma’s answer to Antonioni’s 60s counter-culture classic Blow Up (#60 on the list). The guys take a look at the amazing sound design throughout the film, they talk about John Lithgow’s transformative performance as a cold, calculating killer, they debate if De Palma is paying homage or ripping off Hitchcock, the bleak ending is broken down and much more.

Next week: The guys complete the off-brand series with St. Trinian’s 2: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold.

In two weeks: The guys watch a movie well in tune with our current world situation.

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