Fires Were Started (#89)

This week, the guys return to the list with a very different type of film: Humphrey Jennings’ docudrama about firefighters during the Blitz in WWII – Fires Were Started. The guys appreciate the way in which the film shifts its focus evenly between the firefighters and the operators in the office, they talk about the many ways in which the film subverts the ‘propaganda’ genre, they discuss the use of music through cameraderie, Brendan somehow compares the film to Ladder 49 and The 15:17 to Paris and much more.

The guys also roll the dice to find out what they’ll be watching next week. Join us, won’t you?

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Fires Were Started stars William Sansom, George Gravett, Phillip Wilson-Dickson, Fred Griffiths and Johnny Houghton; directed by Humphrey Jennings.

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