And Now For Something Completely Similar: The Jackal

And Now For Something Completely Similar…


In quite possibly one of the worst examples of how to remake an international film on American soil, Bruce Willis and Richard Gere star in The Jackal, which Brendan and Jason attempt to make sense of and keep their sanity. They discuss Richard Gere’s Irish accent, the addition of unnecessary characters to the script, the disastrous test screening reaction, the Jackal’s disguise budget and much more.

Next week: A special Christmas episode as the boys discuss Scrooge (1970) starring Albert Finney!

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The Jackal stars Bruce Willis, Richard Gere, Sidney Poitier, Diane Venora, Mathilda May, J.K. Simmons, Tess Harper, David Hayman and Jack Black; directed by Michael Caton-Jones.

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