And Now For Something Completely Similar: The Wicker Man (2006)

Brendan and Jason go back to films somewhat related to movies on the BFI Top 100 with And Now for Something Completely Similar.

With the surprisingly low-ranked and eerie 1973 original The Wicker Man already on the list, Brendan and Jason welcome back Steve and Izzy from Everything I Learned from Movies to talk all about the 2006 remake starring Nicolas Cage. They discuss everything from Neil LaButte’s weird take on the horror genre, the level of jurisdiction that California cops have in Washington, the surprising similarities between both versions of the film and of course Cage’s gonzo performance itself that escalates in surprising levels of violence. Plus – hear the actual Nicolas Cage pitch for a Wicker Man sequel.

Next week: The guys continue the non-BFI Top 100 journey by talking about the 2008 BBC television remake of The 39 Steps.

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