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From Business Builder to Broadway Producer with Andy Nulman – April 9 2019

Many people may know Andy, as the Montreal-based co-founder of Just For Laughs, turning it into the prestigious, well-known comedy phenomenon it is today. Taking a break from the comedy scene, Andy founded Airborne Mobile, a pioneering mobile media company which was sold for over $100 million and named North America’s 4th-Fastest Growing Tech Company in 2006. Andy has been a journalist, he has written three books, and he is currently producing a musical that is on its way to scoring a spot on broadway. As a well-known public speaker, he has the opportunities to speak at various universities, conferences and events. His numerous endeavors won him the Startup Canada Lifetime Achievement Award for Quebec in 2016. “Anticipation is as important as immediate gratification and in terms of business, waiting is ultra important.” While Andy has many successful projects under his belt in his four decades of creating and leading major media projects, he is not done yet. Andy is currently the co-founder and CEO of Play The Future, Inc., a forward-thinking digital platform and brand engagement tool that converts the big data points and events of major brands into consumer engagement and entertainment, and is currently diving into his newest adventure, producer of Quebec’s Broadway play Les Belles Soeurs!

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