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HA 2/31 Healing Autoimmune Disease with Nutrition and Homeopathy

Joanna Rogister, Hom, RHN, BA

Listen to Dr. Christine  and Joanna Rogister, Classical Homeopath and Registered Nutritionist,  talking about Joanna’s way to overcome Grave’s disease (autoimmune hyperthyroidism) and about how she sees homeopathy and healing. How does Homeopathy help and who can it help?

Joanna Rogister is an International Speaker, Author, Classical Homeopath and a Holistic Nutritionist who is passionate about helping her audiences and patients find and maintain a healthy balance in their lives. Within her practice, she helps each person move past surface issues and get to the root cause of illnesses or imbalances, so these can be resolved. Her stance as an outspoken advocate for alternative therapies and developing intuitive abilities has earned her the title of Wellness Renegade, and her book, The Magnificence of Magenta, offers unique insights into how we can all work at healing ourselves in order to secure a more joyful, peaceful and healthy lifestyle.  In addition, Joanna’s corporate background provides her with insight into the interconnectivity between professional success and personal happiness.

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