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HA 3/20 Emotional Eating with Sandra Elia

Sandra Elia

Sandra Elia is a Certified Food Addiction Counselors with a passion for helping people overcome addictive eating, find neutrality with food, and regain their health. Her brand’s focus is on healing the whole person, starting with a meal plan specifically designed for food addiction that achieves appetite correction, understanding the role the brain plays and rebuilding health and lives – and therefore increasing happiness.

Sandra knows first hand the pain of living with morbid obesity and has developed a proven program to overcome addictive eating and achieving a healthy body size. Her brand helps people tackle their minds and correct their thinking patterns, which can be a great obstacle to losing weight. Sandra is also influencing the way doctors treat obesity, doing away with unhealthy and unhelpful calorie-counting myths. Together with healthcare professionals, clients can find peace with food and peace with their bodies.


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