Episode 3 – Lisa Morrison aka Lizzie Strange

On this very special episode of Half a Star, Justin and Ben are joined by their dear friend Lisa Morrison – who may be better know to the drag community as LIZZIE STRANGE! Since 2015, Lisa has brought Lizzy to stages across Canada, performing at 4 of the country’s Pride festivals, Just for Laughs, Montreal Fringe and some of the country’s most magical dive bars.  Their name has also appeared in publications such as Canadian Art Magazine, Flare Magazine, CBC, and the coveted Montreal drag magazine You Betcha Iris. Lisa shares stories about performing as Lizzie, the origins of their name, the topic of ‘drag families’ and  you better believe there’s a burner of a Half a Star story! All this and maybe a little more on this episode of Half a Star! Bad ideas never felt so good!

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