Episode 13 – Nikkie Gallant

On this very special episode of Half a Star, Justin and Ben are joined by musician Nikkie Gallant! Nikkie is a long-time friend of our hosts, and an awesome musician based on Prince Edward Island. Nikkie Gallant writes and performs heart-aching music featuring lush vocals and tremolo-laced guitar sounds. Her songs have been called emotionally smart, earning her multiple Music PEI Award nominations, including Songwriter of the Year. Her recent single Free (I Remember) was nominated for Music PEI’s Song of the Year award. Nikkie’s third album Subtle Motions dives into the complexities of relationships and life. Nikkie shares stories of her musical inspirations as well as her very own half a star story! All this, and maybe a little more, on the latest episode of Half a Star. Bad ideas never felt so good!

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