Drunk Musicals Episode 1 – Chicago

Half a Star is proud to present a drunk departure from their usual programming. Justin Shaw is a professionally trained theatre actor, yet astonishingly has a very limited knowledge of contemporary musicals. Having not seen many modern cinema classic musicals, hosts Diana Moser and Benton Hartley decide to amend this situation by sitting Justin down to watch a musical he has never seen, and inviting him to speak to his viewing experience… while completely shitfaced.

On this special presentation, Justin watched the 2002 movie musical Chicago and drank 6 pints of gin and soda. Yes, pints. He offers a gin soaked explanation of his opinion of this award winning film.

Half a Star encourages listeners to PLEASE drink responsibly, this experiment was conducted in a safe environment. That being said, Drunk Musicals will only be featured sporadically on select occasions. Happy listening!

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