BE a Rebel and DO the Hard Stuff

On this episode of Heal The Healthcarers, join me as I talk about my dirty little secrets and out a few people online. When you intentionally focus on things like dissolving judgement of yourself like I am doing, what will it be like for you and your nervous system that might be in overload right now? Are you doing the hard stuff that bring you joy, peace, love, power, all that you desire?

I talk about the importance of your nervous system. I encourage you to consider where you are at with stepping into your transformation courageously by dissolving judgement. I find it liberating.

At Heal the Healthcarers, an organization that offers support in unraveling the past, processing grief, and taking time for oneself. Our goal is to assist individuals in transitioning from burnout and stress to choosing self-love and celebration In a community of support, empowerment, openness, awareness and love.

Throughout the episode, I encourage you to reflect on moments of rebellion in your life. I guide you through a few thoughts and invite you to join in the next opportunities we have coming up.

Join us at the cabin. More on that coming up in another episode.

Share your thoughts and questions with us.

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