HUGE 499 – A Dante in Tidus Clothing

It’s time to get back to the basics! Come join Ben, Tim, Matt, and Evan as they talk about beer and video games! And some movies too! And I guess a tv show? Look, there’s a lot stuff they talk about. Some of which includes:

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, The Legend of Zelda TotK, Final Fantasy XVI, Dave The Diver, The Mandalorian, Star Trek Resurgance, and more!

Come back next week when we’ll be starting our next project: Trek Tropes! The gang will be watching a number of Star Trek episodes centred around a partcilar “Trek Trope” and then discussing which episode did it best! The first trope up for examination is “Court Room”. Make sure to watch the following episodes for next week:

TOS – Court Martial

TNG – Measure of Man

VOY – Death Wish

SNW – Ad Astra per Aspera

Match of the Batch theme: “Vault Beer”

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