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How Holistic Biochemistry Works for You – with Austin Sherwin

How does the science of Biochemistry help us to understand our nutritional needs – and what to do about it to improve our mental health, brain health and physical health.

In this podcast, Dr. Christine Sauer talks with Austin Sherwin about why food alone often doesn’t give us all the nutrients we need and how we can help this with targeted supplementation.

Austin Sherwin has been in the field of alternative health for more than five years.

He received a bachelors in Biochemistry and is now the general manager of Creative Concept Labs (affectionately known as CCL Supplements). CCL is dedicated to improving their client’s quality of life, helping them live vibrant, fun, and healthy lives.

Austin and CCL believe that good health can be fun, delicious, and time-efficient.

He is an advocate for increased energy, healthy activities, and holistic self-care.

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