Imagining Democracy

Democracy is under threat across the globe. Humanities studies are in decline in universities around the world. Is there a connection?

This episode is not about politics. It’s about democracy as an idea. It’s about the skills needed to be democratic citizens, including deliberative discussion and community-building, and how the humanities are central to teaching us how to think and act democratically.

Guests: Dave Meslin – Democracy activist and author of Tear Down: Rebuilding Democracy from the Ground Up

Dr. Amanda Anderson – Professor of English, Director of the Cogut Institute for the Humanities at Brown University, and author of Psyche & Ethos: Moral Life After Psychology

Dr. Cecil Foster – Professor at University of Buffalo and author of They Call Me George: The Untold Story of Black Train Porters and the Birth of Modern Canada

I also explore important ideas from Pulitzer prize-winning American author Marilynne Robinson and Kandice Chuh of the CUNY Graduate Centre in New York.

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