Writing Life (Part 1): How stories make and break us

What if telling your story could endanger your life … but also possibly save it? I interview best-selling author and scholar Jesse Thistle, community organizer Masuma Khan, and fashion writer Musemo Handahu about the powers and dangers of storytelling.   Jesse Thistle went from living on the street and suffering with addictions to being an award-winning scholar and Assistant Professor at York University. He shares his remarkable story in his new memoir, From the Ashes, which has been on best-sellers lists for months.   Masuma Khan is a committed community organizer who made international headlines while she was a student at Dalhousie University. She has had to reclaim her story in the face of hate speech, death threats, and skewed media coverage.   Musemo Handahu, better known as @misslionhuner online, is a fashion writer and influencer breaking new ground in fashion and marketing. Her unique style and authentic storytelling has helped her reach audiences across digital spaces.

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