Female Founders Series 1: Cheryl Maclean & the Marmalade Motel

  • This is the first of a six part Ignited series on Female Founders. Wade Cleveland is joined by co-host Amanda Langley, herself a Female Founder with Superyacht East Coast, as well as a professional Marketer.
  • For this first Episode we talk to Cheryl MacLean, owner and operator of the Marmalade Motel. Cheryl is a veteran Marketing Executive with over 25 years of experience in international sales and marketing.  In 2020, Cheryl and her husband left their corporate careers in Ontario to pursue an adventure. They purchased, renovated and opened a small 8 room, seaside motel in Port Dufferin on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia.
  • Cheryl tells a great story of both Entrepreneurship and Rural Community.
  • To find out more about The Marmalade Motel visit themarmalademotel.com and for her cafe visit marmaladecafe.ca. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.
  • To find out more about Rural innovation and what Ignite does, check out https://igniteatlantic.com/
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