Frank Busch, CEO/Co-founder of NationFUND

1:27  Frank describes his move from a national Indigenous financial institute to the newly created NationFUND business.

2:06  Growing up in northern Manitoba and watching the devastating impact of a mine closure.

3:14   How a Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Studies and an aptitude for numbers helped shape his career in finance.

5:04 The value of relationship-building and his role as a translator between ‘creatives’ and ‘the bean-counters.’

6:04  He joins the FNFA thanks to his wife’s chance airport encounter with Ernie Daniels.

12:13 He sees progress, but systemic barriers are still there.

15:05 How a colonial mindset limits economic development in some First Nations.

18:00.  Policy barriers as reserves as seen as ‘the Queen’s land.’

19:20 The Covid pandemic strikes just as Frank and his partners establish their business.

21:12  The marketing model to find new business.

24:26  Taking the Robin Hood approach to leveraging $$ in community development.

26:14  The Malahat Studio project that shows development can be more than a convenience store.

26:54   The need for equity and the right to sit at the table.

28:08   He sees growth in renewable energy and local food production technology.

31:18   The need to tread a fine line when exploring Indigenous tourism.

33:58   Author Frank Busch and his award-winning Grey Eyes book.

39:41   How to contact Frank for more information –

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